As I get older, the more photos bring immense value to my life and my memories, and I believe they can for you too.

Whether it's the big moments like your wedding or small moments like your family hanging out in the living room, it's worth encapsulating. Your life is already a work of art, handcrafted by the One who loves you deeply, photos are a tangible and much needed reminder of this truth.

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I always had a fascination with cameras. The first camera I called mine, when I was about 11 years old, had a tiny flip-out screen and I seriously thought it was the coolest thing.

As the years progressed I found myself with my mom’s point-and-shoot in my hand more and more. This eventually lead to my first entry level DSLR camera. My first portraits were senior pictures of my friends in high school and from there my passion really took root.

Every day since, God has continued to plant this passion deeper and deeper within me. For a long time it was something that I just thought was fun, but the older I get the more I cherish the value photos bring into our lives - the more I cherish the honor of being able to freeze moments in other people’s lives.

My passion for photography was a slow build. It didn’t just become my love over night. 

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I’m here for the real, the sweet, and the warm moments in life.

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I desire to bring people closer to the One who made them through the beauty they reflect in my lens.

states moved in 4 years


years of dance experience


years of mission work


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I'm married to Isaac, my best friend and the one person I found can top my goofiness.

My favorite snack is dill pickles. Yep, I love cracking open a jar of pickles to munch on.

Dancing is my love language. Seriously. Love. It.

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